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My name is Lauren and I am a multi-passionate ‘thirty-something’ with a huge love for food, fresh air, yoga, communication and cacao! I believe that life is too precious to spend it doing stuff that you don’t enjoy – so my priority is finding things that make me feel good – and I want to inspire others to do the same!

My purpose is to help you discover and achieve your biggest visions in life. How do I do that? By giving you the confidence to find your own unique and beautifully authentic voice.

If you are ready to screw the rules, find your own purpose and spread your messages to the universe and beyond, you have come to the right place!

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Did you forget to play?

How many times have you been told to ‘grow up’ recently? When was the last time someone laughed at you because you were simply being silly? Can you remember when you last got the giggles so badly that you nearly wet yourself? For some reason these things... read more

Being held in space

There was a moment on my yoga teacher training that still stands out to me as magical. Well in fact there were a lot of magical moments, but this one in particularly gave me the most amazing feeling. We were being taught about meditation by the amazing Kadri Kurgun... read more

What are your energy levels telling you?

Over the past few weeks I have experienced ups and downs in energy levels – like an energetic rollercoaster! Not so long ago I was in a constant state of ‘pushing’. Always on the go, always taking action, always tackling things aggressively and with... read more

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